<< Wine Luxe Magazine >> Interview with Terence wong ———8 Years Passion for Wine 八年磨劍 一腔熱忱

<< Wine Luxe Magazine >> Interview with Terence wong ———8 Years Passion for Wine 八年磨劍 一腔熱忱

It is a meaningful moment to chat with Terence Wong, the owner of Maxwine Limited, as well as drink wine together. Terrence is a devoted Christian who believed God creates the land, so he values the crops very much. The crops like Chinese tea and European grapes, which are both contain thousand years of culture, and the products that are cultivated by heaven and earth. Terrence left his garment business and entered to the wine business eight years ago. The more he has known about wine, the more he has been fastidious on it. Being a retailer, Terence had searched the right brand for a long time, until he found Vigne Olcru, an Italian winery who truly respected the traditional Viticulture.

​Vigne Olcru is located at Oltrepo Pavese, Lombardy (Northwestern Italy), this place is claimed to be the most important production area for Pinot Noir, after the premium Champagne and Bourgogne wine regions.  In order to find the best quality of soil, the winery owner Mr. Massimiliano has spent a large amount of cost to use satellite equipment to monitor the quality of soil and grapes. Moreover, he has collaborated with The School of Environment and Agricultural Sciences, University of Milan, as purpose to investigate and develop the Pinot Noir project. Now Vigne Olcru is the best education practice base in the world!

​You can feel the frankness of the winemakers when you taste the Vigne Olcru’s wine. Its Classic Method Brut Rosé ‘Victoria’ 2009, a 100% Pinot Noir, which was contacted with yeast for 48 months. The salmon pink hue of the Rosé was the beautiful effect from the soak of grape skins, with an elegant, smooth palate, a slight of floral aroma helps to elevate the overall sensation. Besides great sparkling wine, it is unbelievable that its regular wine was brilliant as well. The Vigne Olcru Coppiere Pinot Nero 2013 has a boquet of subtle tobacco leaf, pepper, licorice, citrus skin that mix with cherry note. The palate is teder and wild at the same time, what an excellent work!

​​The chat with Terrence reminds me a famous quote from “Gone with the wind”“The land is the only thing in the world worth working for, worth fighting for, worth dying for, because it’s the only thing that lasts!”

與Maxwine Limited的老闆Terence Wong聊酒特別有意思,他是虔誠教徒,深信上帝創造大地所以特別重視由土地種出來的農作物,中國人的茶葉,歐洲人的葡萄,同樣有數千年的文化,也同樣是借助天地靈氣去培植的產物。Terence 八年前離開製衣業而走進葡萄酒這門生意,他說對葡萄酒越熟悉要求便越高,一直未有找到屬於自己代理的品牌只因未遇到真正有心人,直至遇上Vigne Olcru,一個真正尊重傳統釀酒文化的意大利酒莊。

​Vigne Olcru位於Oltrepo Pavese,屬意大利西北部的倫巴第 Lombardy地區,這裏被譽為除了法國香檳 Champagne及布爾岡 Bourgogne之後世界上最重要的黑皮諾 Pinot Noir產區,莊主Massimiliano先生為了找出最好的土壤不惜重金用衛星儀器監察土壤和葡萄的品質,與米蘭大學環境和農業科學院合作研究以及發展黑皮諾專案,現在酒莊已成為全球最佳教育實踐基地!

​試Vigne Olcru的酒可感受釀酒師的誠意,它的玫瑰紅汽泡酒Classic Method Brut Rosé ‘Victoria’ 2009與酵母接觸的時間達48個月,100%的黑皮諾,像粉紅三文魚的色澤來自浸泡葡萄皮,入口優雅柔順,少許細膩的花香恰到好處地提升了整體感受。除了汽泡酒出色,想不到它的靜態酒也精彩,說的是Vigne Olcru Coppiere Pinot Nero 2013,那隱約的煙葉、胡椒、甘草、果皮味混著野櫻桃氣息,這酒入口溫婉與野性並存,真的精彩!



8 Years Passion for Wine 八年磨劍 一腔熱忱

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